Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Musings

1. How perfect is this list of good things?

2. Want to break news of your engagement in a cute, fun, and different way? We love this idea from Martha Stewart of creating your own fake newspaper! See the rest of the slideshow for other ideas on how to make your wedding unique.
 3. Newest obsession: Wantworthy. This website (and app) saves all of your favorite items in one place when you shop online. You even have the option to sort your favorite items by store and category. This has taken gift lists to a whole new level! The visual list will also make it much easier for your boyfriend/fiancé/husband to actually purchase the correct item :) 
4.  Fall decorating is upon us and my new favorite things is the Porcelain doll pumpkin. It's the perfect shade of peach for any doorstep.
5. With Paris fashion week having just ended we've got the City of Lights on our mind. And nothing beats a Parisian honeymoon in our eyes! Here's a list of 10 reasons to honeymoon in Paris

Have a fabulous weekend!

Xo - The Belles

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