Monday, July 15, 2013

Belle's Bags

In recent years, the purse has been elevated from just another accessory meant to accent a woman's outfit, to a veritable lifeline for some . Gone are the days of the tiny wristlet or clutch for everyday wear, and in their place stand sturdy, practical and ever fashionable totes, bags and carryalls. Women today need something that supports their on the go lifestyle and gives them the ability to be ready for any situation. Big bags are in and the Belles bags are no exception. 

Every so often, we try to throw in some blog posts to give you a chance to get to know us a little better. Well what is better insight into someone's life than examining the contents of their purse? First up this week are Christine and Caroline!

Christine's White Goyard tote

Christine's Contents
"My iPad in my Alexandra Knight iPad case and credit card pouch, blue Le Pens, my LV wallet, keys, Tom Ford Aviators, hair ties and bobby pins (a must), a few of my favorite lip glosses and lipstick from Facade, business card holder, Kleenex and always a few spare crayons that Sadie and Olivia throw in when I'm not looking!"

Extra jewelry for an instant outfit update!

Caroline's Contents
"My Zara bag is more or less my modern day Mary Poppins bag- it has everything! Right now it has my new Belle clipboard from a morning meeting, my iPad, pen pencil & stylus for any type of note taking, a koozie because why not? the essentials- gum, eye drops, tide-2-go, hand sanitizer, advil and lotion (have one of each in every bag), Chloe perfume sample so I'm always smelling good, extra jewelry for easy outfit transitions, my Gucci wallet, my favorite chapsticks and lipstick, our new Belle business cards (in need of a card case) and  at least one pair of Ray bans at all times!"

Friday, July 12, 2013

Delicious Decor

Whether you're planning a formal reception, a cocktail hour, or even a garden party we've got tons of fun inspiration floating around the office. No matter what design you choose it will be sure to impress your guests! Here are just a few of our favorite ideas.
No matter what liquor you choose to serve, these self-serve bars are adorable! 
 Make your bubble bar POP with balloons accenting the table.
A snow cone station is a perfect refreshment for any outdoor event.
Mimosas for the bride and bridesmaids when getting ready!
Walk-thru appetizer service would suit any cocktail hour.
Make sure your guest's bathroom visit is a sweet one!
A fun and inventive way to serve cake pops!