Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Social at Hotel ZaZa

Our Belles Alia and Valerie made the cover of The Houston Chronicle recently for attending the Spring Social at ZaZa! The party was "Country Club Chic" inspired, where the VIP guest list sipped drinks around the Veuve Clicquot decorated pool.
See more pictures from the party here!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Belle Du Jour Part IV


Book you're reading: -Re-reading my all time favorite, The Great Gatsby, in anticipation of the movie.
Coffee or tea drink of choice: - Green Tea
Current fave beauty product: -Kate Spade Parisian Pink Lipstick
Dream home: -Cliffside home overlooking an ocean with an infinity pool and swim up bar
Something you're looking forward to this week:-One of my oldest friends coming to visit
Style icon: -Olivia Palermo

We asked our interns too!


Book you're reading: "Jesus is ___" by Judah Smith
Coffee or tea drink of choice: -Neither!
Current fave beauty product: -'Urban Decay Naked Skin' foundation
Dream home: -White house that has a large front porch and ocean view
Something you're looking forward to this week:-Getting my hair done
Style icon: Kate Middleton-so classy and elegant


Book you're reading:Great gatsby
Coffee or tea drink of choice:Passion tea from Starbucks
Current fave beauty product:Guerlain meteorites
Dream home:Villa in Italy
Something you're looking forward to this week:Relaxing with family
Style icon:Jessica Alba

Friday, April 19, 2013

Belles Du Jour
Part III

Valerie Eissler

Book you're reading:   My 8 month old and I love reading Good Night Moon
Coffee or tea drink of choice:  Iced Grande one pump skinny vanilla late
Current fave beauty product:   Nars Oasis Blush
Dream home:   A mountain home anywhere in the Rockies
Something you're looking forward to this week:  Date night wit the hubs!
Style icon:   I don't really I have one.  All I know is I love me some J.Crew!

Alia Rdissi

Book you're reading:  " Working Mom Survival Guide" by Suzanne Riss and Teresa Palagano
Coffee or tea drink of choice: Black Coffee
Current fave beauty product:F or 15 years I've loved no body lotion more than Victoria's Secret Endless Love - Inexpensive, smells pretty , and brings back nice memories
Dream home: 

Something you're looking forward to this week: Finding someone willing to do a cake for a client's last-minute party
Style icon:  Jackie O & Michelle Obama

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Belles du Jour 
Part Deux!

Natalie Laskowski

Book you're reading:  Reconstructing Amelia
Coffee or tea drink of choice: Earl Grey....with lots of milk and sugar
Current fave beauty product: Living proof hair care line
Dream home:  An apartment in Paris with a big window that looks at the Eiffel Tower!
Something you're looking forward to this week: My countdown to London is getting smaller...11 days!
Style icon:  Kate Middelton & Diane Kruger

Mimi Meacham

Book you're reading:  The Primal Blueprint by: Mark Sisson
Coffee or tea drink of choice: Earl Grey in the morning and Green tea at night
Current fave beauty product: Pop Beauty Lash Extension Mascara
Dream home:  Rustic chic in the mountains of Colorado!
Something you're looking forward to this week: A weekend off to go garage sale hopping for my new house!
Style icon:  Gywneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba

photos by: Adam Nyholt
Tomorrow is Valerie & Alia!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Belles du Jour
We wanted to do something fun to give you all a sneak peek into our lives! For the rest of this week we will be posting Q&A from each Belle!

Christine Hoffer

Book you're reading:  Hemingway's Girl
Coffee or tea drink of choice:  Skinny vanilla latte
Current fave beauty product:  Nars Body Glow
Dream home:  Villa in Tuscany
Something you're looking forward to this week:  Going to Cabo!
    Style icon:  Tom Ford

Caroline Meinen

Book you're reading:
I just started Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
Coffee or tea drink of choice:
I drink English Breakfast Tea with 2% milk and sugar every morning, it's soothing but also gives me that little caffeine boost I need to get the day going
Current fave beauty product:
I was recently given a sample of Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Union Square perfume and it's possibly the best thing I've ever smelled in my life. Ever. Also, I've recently fallen in love with Covergirl's  Lip Perfection Lipsticks- they have such fun colors!
Dream home:
My dream home is actually this old house that my grandparents used to live in. It's on the river in a small town in North Carolina. I'd say it has sort of an French Country feel and is surrounded by towering pine trees. It's very rustic yet comfortable feeling and it's just a beautiful place to be. 
Something you're looking forward to this week:
My birthday!
Style icon:
I'd say it's maybe a tie between Miroslava Duma and Leandra Medine (Man Repeller)

Check back tomorrow for answers from Mimi & Natalie!
photos by : Adam Nyholt

Friday, April 12, 2013

Engagement Gifts

Happy Friday!
Today we are going to share some gift ideas for newly engaged couples. These gifts are great if the couple hasn't started their wedding registry yet and you want to give them a little something in the mean time!

Heirloomed hanger for bride's dress

 Don'ts for Husbands/Wives book by A&C Black 1913. These books contain entertaining advice for a happy marriage that still can be used even 100 years later!

For the groom on the day of the wedding!

Monogrammed ice bucket can be used on the day of the wedding too!

 Mr. and Mrs. wedding fork set perfect for eating cake at the reception.

Heirloom hanger,don'ts for husbands, don'ts for wives, salut flask, mr. and mrs.mugs, monogrammed ice bucket, mr. and mrs. muse mugs, wedding fork set 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Perfectly Mismatched

One of the current hottest trends in weddings is having your bridesmaids dresses mismatched. Some brides love the idea of everything not being so uniform, while others aren't crazy about it. We love the idea, because it gives your wedding party a chance to express themselves a little. The idea of mismatched dresses is to have them diverse, but still look in sync with the overall theme of the wedding. 

First: Pick A Color Scheme

Second:Pick a style theme that you want to portray
 (vintage, modern, girly, etc.)

Third: Establish Some Guidelines

-Straps or Strapless