Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Musings

1. Sushi anyone? Does this not look amazing! We blame a menu meeting yesterday for our recent Sushi craze!

2. This star J.Crew headband would be the perfect addition for any flower girl.

3. The pictures, the fashion, plus a hint of pumpkin spice latte. Everything about this makes it amazing fall color inspiration.

4. Cannot even describe how obsessed we are. Neon pumpkins! Fall with a splash of neon (in case you're not entirely over summer).

5. An app to try on engagement rings? Sign us up. And not just any engagement ring, a Tiffany ring. Single, engaged, or married... doesn't matter, it's always fun to try on jewelry.

As always, we hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Xo, The Belles

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