Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

On this WEDnesday we wanted to share something we "like..." Grey Likes Weddings.

This blog is a social network just for brides! Use it for inspiration, guidance, or just for fun. Summer Watkins (the face behind the blog) aim's to "acknowledge that weddings are one of the few remaining reasons women circle together—a bride and her maids to reconnect, spend actual time together, and contribute to each others’ lives in a real and meaningful way."


They strive to go beyond just an inspiration blog and deepen connections of women everywhere! Whether you're the bride, bridesmaid, or even just a lover of weddings, they hope to create a community of  women who share their own personal experiences with one another.

Here's just a few pictures from an Ombre wedding that we absolutely love! Head over to the blog for more pictures and inspiration!

"The Ladies Society of Matrimonial Finery brings us together as we celebrate weddings. May it also be a cause for connection." - Summer Watkins

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