Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Belle's Bags III

With the third look into the Belle's bags we get to learn a little more about Alia and Mimi. Take a look inside to see how they conquer the event world with style!

Alia's Contents
"My big blue leather tote sometimes becomes a bottomless pit, but I love it because I can drop anything quickly and easily in there!  I sometimes dress it up with a silk scarf.  I always have a Zone bar on hand - these especially come in handy on days of back-to-back meetings!  My hot pink leather russell+hazel pencil case that a dear client gave me, I've turned into a wallet with a mywalit Italian leather credit card case - It's sleek and easy. You can also always find my Belle business cards, a tape measure, pen, nail file, and a black pouch of safety pins and bobby pins for last minute wedding day needs.  I also take everywhere with me my tattered yet beloved pocket prayer book from when I was about 13, mints, lip gloss, and a very light sweater to slip on in cold meetings or on my grocery store runs on the way home."

Mimi's Contents
"1. Tory Burch wallet
2. Hand Sanitizer - use all the time!
3. Oil blotting sheets - essential during the hot summer!
4. Ray Ban aviators sunglasses
5. Sugar lip balm in coral
5. Card holder with Belle of the Ball cards
6. Trident original flavor gum - the only flavor that doesn't make me feel queasy during these early pregnancy months.
7. Tide spot cleaner - I always end up getting something on my clothes and this gets its out.
8. Smith's Rosebud Salve - the BEST lip gloss ever!" 

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