Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Musings

1. We always love a good twist on something so classic! These roman numeral wedding bands are perfect for an anniversary present! This way, with one quick look at your hand you can remember the best day of your life! Oh, and sorry guys, but now there's no excuse to forget your anniversary ;)
2. Here's another personalized anniversary gift. Your husband or fiancé can write a brief love note and have it made into a bracelet! We love how sweet and thoughtful this jewelry is!
3. Cakes are no longer just white icing and tiered, now they are a way to express your wedding details! We love this one plated with gold and topped with beautiful ruffles! This cake is almost too pretty to eat...almost! Perfect for a NYE or December wedding!
4.  With the Houston weather starting to cool off, Fall wedding season is in full swing! Fall in love with these 10 autumn wedding trends! Here are two of our favorites...
5. Wedding favors are the perfect way to express a thank you to your guests for celebrating your big day! And food is always a favorite. We love the use of mason jars in these two favors! Noticing a theme anyone?
 "The Perfect Blend"                                               "Meant to Bee"


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