Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Costumes for Couples!

With Halloween right around the corner who doesn't want a few fun costume ideas?? You have just about two weeks left to find that perfect couples costume. Check out some of our favorites below. What will you be this year??

1. The Big Bang Theory is one of the funniest shows on TV! Why don't you go out with a bang this Halloween and dress up as Sheldon and Amy?! Bazinga!

2. Every girl wants a guy who can cook! Why don't you dress up your SO as a chef and play pretend for the night? Plus, he can put on a French accent! Oui Oui madame ;)

3. This year, two of our favorite TV shows are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their series finale! (Yes that does make us feel slightly nostalgic) If you still can't get enough of Sex and the City or Friends, try dressing up as Carrie & Big or Monica & Chandler! Who wouldn't want to be these fabulous women for the night?
What a good excuse to buy some if we needed one.

You'll be sure to have fun in these costumes!

4. Want to be Leonardo DiCaprio's date? How about going Gatsby by dressing up as Daisy and give your boy the best Leo make-over! This costume is can't go wrong! And with an excuse to wear a fabulously fun headpiece we love this couples costume even more!

5. Divergent is the newest favorite Hollywood trilogy. What a great way to look sleek and fearless. Plus, the costume is so simple, you can get ready in a dash!

6. Now here's one that your SO will definitely be into... Khalessi and Drogo. Sure Drogo isn't still around (spoiler alert... sorry if you're behind on your GOT!), but this costume would be quite the hit at any party. Plus that long blonde hair would be fun for a night out!

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