Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Musings

1. Why would you want to hide such a beautiful diamond in such a drab box??  Your future husband spends so much time picking out the perfect ring, now there's a box to match! These boxes by The Mrs. Box show off your ring while adding individuality and flair. What a colorful twist on such a timeless tradition.

2. At Really Cute Stuff, you can order the funniest, most original cards! Anything from birthdays to congratulations to thank you cards. Check out this hilarious birthday card! As if we needed another reason to eat cake (and possibly ice cream too!)

3. No fear! Whatever the theme of their wedding is, you can find the perfect bride and groom chairs! Considering you just tied the knot, don't you want to announce in style who the bride and groom are?? Well, whether you are looking for something a little more classy and elegant....

Or totally laid back... have come to the right place!

4. Since we're still in awe of Amal's wedding dress (and know you are too) we thought we'd show you how to get her dress for your wedding! With these Oscar de la Renta look-alikes, people will be asking you "who made your dress??"

5. October has just begun which means it is now breast cancer awareness month. We want to do our part by promoting the Choose Hope foundation which designs products to be both humorous and inspiring.  Let's celebrate the lives of all cancer survivors!

xoxo - the belles

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