Thursday, January 2, 2014

Celeb Wed

Happy 2014 everyone! Now that the holiday parties are over, what's the one thing we are still celebrating? Olivia Palermo's engagement of course! The socialite's handsome new fiancé posted this little video on instagram to announce their engagement. (Yes that has been watched over and over here at Belle)

They don't even look real they're so perfect!

Engaged in St. Barth's. What's more perfect? Perhaps her future wedding. While we are excited for her finding her one true love, we can't help but wonder how fabulous her one truly true love will be... we're talking about her wedding dress of course. I'm sure designers have already made their congratulatory phone calls to Olivia, just to get in her good graces. (More on our predictions in a future post!)


We are only two days into January and we're already wondering which celeb will follow suit and get engaged next. Our top guesses (and hopefuls!) include:

Katy and John. How amazing is their song "Who you Love?" I feel like we got to know a little bit more about their lovey dovey relationship. Awww
Looking good in white Katy!

Pippa and Nico Jackson. The world was already wowed by her once in a white dress! Sources report that they are ready to walk down the aisle in 2014.

Have a feeling Pippa would have one fun hen party!

Mila and Ashton. I hate to admit it but they're cute together. Like really cute together. And their wedding would probably be the most fun down-to-earth thing ever.
I mean look at that happiness!

Emma and Andrew. These two funny people and former Spider-Man costars have been together since 2011 and been seen globetrotting ever since. A ring in 2014? We hope so!
"Laughter is the key to a happiness"


And to round out our celebrity wedding special here, we wanted to say congrats to Kate Bosworth and Kaley Cuoco on their recent weddings.

Kate said "I do" back in August, but with photos in the recent Martha Stewart Weddings magazine we can relive her big day. Set in Montana, where the groom's family is from, they chose The Ranch at Rock Creek for their big day. Their Victorian/Western style can be seen in their four-day-long celebration. To read more about their wedding details pick up Martha Stewart today! In the meantime enjoy these fabulous photos...

Although Kaley's wedding wasn't in a magazine, she's been kind enough to release a few photos for the world to see! She wed her love Ryan Sweeting on New Year's Eve at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in California. Wearing a Vera Wang pink dress, the bride and now newlywed posted a few pictures to her Instagram (@normancook). One with the caption "greatest night of my entire life." That's her cake hanging from the chandelier. How over-the-top NYE fun is that?!

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