Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Musings

1. How cute is this idea for a groom's gift? Love the added touch of fun with a cute note.

2. How did we not know this existed? Our lives could change forever with this blog, Target Does it Again.

3. With winter storms across the country we love these boots to stay warm. Although we won't be hit with the freezing temps, we can still stay winter stylish!

4. A little bachelorette fun never hurt anyone. Love these oh sh*t kits for hangovers.
5. Obsessed with rag+bone for Hunter. No more explanation needed.

6. The Belles are wild over the new Wild Belle album (lame joke, but we had to). We will be jamming this all next week!

7. Just couldn't resist. Happy Friday everyone!
xoxo and happy 2014 - the ladies of belle

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