Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Musings

1. So this quiz definitely was the talk at our holiday tables. So interesting! Some of the words we had never even heard before! Find out where you are from based on how you talk! "Y'all" might be the biggest giveaway ever...

2. In case you didn't get to eat everything you wanted this holiday, this website has literally EVERY FOOD you could ever want. Food from all over the US can be shipped right to your door! Cronuts? Check! Of course you might have to wait in "online line" for hours.

3. Kate Spade scarves this season... man she did good. They are all so cute, and perfectly light weight so they can transition right into Spring!

4. Ringing in 2014 with champagne? Love this list of ten different champagne cocktails. Try every last one of them, after all it is New Years!

5. Everything about this little balloon post is perfect for a NYE party! A confetti balloon bar? Yes please. And these balloon drink stirrers are too cute. Even if it's just for the Instagram, you can't pass on those balloon stirrers!

Xoxo - the belles!

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