Friday, September 2, 2011

Sign Right Up!

Sign-in books are a great way to keep a record of who attended your wedding. But, how often are you going to pull out the book and flip through names. Below we have some ideas for creative ways for you to remember who was there for your Big Day! 
photo by Ruby Press

Have your guests write not only their names but their well wishes for the new happy couple! Feeling creative? Set up a sign- in station for your guests to personalize their own note for you.

kelli ward photography

Create your own photo book with fun vacations pictures, engagement pictures, pictures through the years, etc! Make sure to leave enough blank space for guests to write their advice.

Headed somewhere fabulous for your honeymoon? Having a destination wedding? Pick up a book about your location and have guests sign around the pages. When the wedding is all said and done, it will make looking through these books extra special!

Want well-wishes/advice that will last a lifetime? Glue envelopes ( in your wedding colors) to pages of a scrapbook and ask guests to write their notes for your anniversaries 1 through 50. You can pull out the book each year and see what is sealed inside!

From a photo booth to polaroids allow your guests to leave pictures of themselves with a note that will be sure to make you smile in the years to come.

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