Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Great escape

As the evening comes to a close, guests line up to bid adieu to the happy couple. In that final moment the bride and groom run through a tunnel of friends and family, fleeing the scene in the ultimate getaway car. Traditionally, newly weds would simply tie used tin cans to the backs of their automobiles. Today, couples are getting a little more creative, leaving their wedding party behind in style.

1. Time travel

The vintage car is sweet, classy, and very romantic. Slide into the back seat of a vintage Cadillac feeling totally glamorous!

The Knot
 2. Speed Racer

Hopping in a flashy sports car or on the back of Harley Davidson motorcycle is another fun option for a wedding day departure. Peel off and head straight to the honeymoon!

Parallel 39 Blog

4. Fairytale Adventure

Just like Cinderella and her Prince Charming, end your magical evening in a horse drawn carriage. Choose a horse and buggy ride for the final touch to your fairytale wedding!

Beau Coup

3. Do it yourself

Still have a little energy left over after the reception and not quite ready to head home? Hop on a bicycle built for two and blaze your own trail!

Our Love in October

The getaway car, bike, horse, WHATEVER you choose is the final moment to express your creativity on your Big Day. Have fun with it, think outside of the box, and find something you love and will never forget!

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