Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ring Bearer Pillows

Many couples are looking for ways to add some creativity to their wedding ceremony. Send your ring bearer down the aisle with a custom made pillow including you and your groom's name, your wedding date, and perhaps your wedding vows or a portion of your vows! Decorate your ring bearer pillow with your wedding's color scheme or use a pattern similar to your invitiations. Below is an example of a more traditional way to add some"fluff" to your ring bearer pillow.


Freshline Illustration


Freshline Illustration

Have a pillow made as a gift for a friend or family member's Big Day. Include the couple's name and wedding date and maybe an inspirational, hearfelt quote. Use colors from the wedding's pallete or choose from other colors of your/the bride and groom's choice. Here is an example of how Kourtne and Benjamin decorated their ring bearer's pillow for their wedding ceremony.


Below are a few more examples of how add creativity to your ring bearer pillows. Choose from  a variety of different styles and colors. Whether you use your wedding color scheme, more neutral tones, or have the pillow made from flowers or different textiles, a custom made ring bearer pillow is a spectucular addition to your wedding ceremony!

Freshline Illustration

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