Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Friday Musings

1. Jenny Packham came out with an accessory line! Between the gorgeous diamonds and diverse styles, how could you go wrong? It's perfect for any bride!

2. This just can now register at Anthropologie house and home!! Pretty sure we just booked up your afternoon dreaming up your future home. Here's a sneak peak into your kitchen...

3. Casey Wilson and David Caspe from NBC's "Marry Me" are the cutest couple! Not only do they have a successful marriage but they're coworkers too! I love this article of them giving advice to married couples. It covers everything from living styles to handling finances.

4. A wedding cake is always such a statement piece for the bride. These wacky cakes allow you to show off your personality while also providing a tasty treat!  With these cakes, you're sure to catch everyone's attention!

5. Bridesmaids wearing white at the wedding!? These celebs think so. It used to be a fashion faux-pas to match the bride, but now its become such a classic look. Celebrities are such trendsetters-- so why not try white for your maids??

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