Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Belle Fall Favorites Part III

We're back with our third and final Fall Favorites! And what better day to do it then on the first official day of Fall?! Annnnd cooler weather in store for the next week! We sure do love this season. See what consultant Emily is looking forward to, plus our two Fall interns, Caroline W. and Laura.

Emily's Fall Favorites...

 1. Attending the UCLA vs. USC big rivarly football game at the Rosebowl in Pasadena, CA!

2. Thanksgiving Holiday with family in Northern California.
3. Finally the return of all the wonderful fall TV! So excited The Voice is back with Gwen Stefani.

4. Bold & rich nail polish colors

5. All the pumpkin treats I can get my hands on! (i.e. Cupcakes, Bread, Cookies). Check out this list of 100+ pumpkin desserts :)


Caroline W.'s Fall Favorites...

1. Warm oversized scarves

2. Darker Nail Colors

3. Texas Football-Hook 'Em!

4. Hot Chai Tea Lattes

5. Assisting on fabulous Fall Belle Weddings! 

Laura's Fall Favorites...

1. Pumpkin Chocolate cupcakes. How good do those look!

2. I love watching baseball and the world series is just around the corner.
3. Leg warmers are great because they are fashionable and functional!

4. My older sister's baby shower. She's having twins! Congratulations sis!
5. Trees changing color :)

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