Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Musings

1. Pretty amazing story! A couple bought an abandoned french chateau and have started a blog to share their journey. 

2. This app is everything. The most entertaining, laugh out loud app ever. It's called relay and you are going to be addicted. Send gifs to your friends and enjoy!

3. We see robes, oversized men's shirts, cute monogrammed button ups, but why not more PJ's on wedding day? After all haven't you been having slumber parties with your bridesmaids for years... 

4. Noise makers for the happy couple! What a cute and creative idea for once the couple is hitched. 

5. Summertime and popsicles go hand in hand! Try this list of 33 homemade popsicles find your favorite and then have them ready for a bridal shower, luncheon, pool party, or even a cool way to chill out on wedding day!

xoxo - the belles :)

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