Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Belles & Summer... Part I

Hard to believe we are halfway through May!!! Summer is just around the corner and here at Belle, we cannot wait for the next few months. Sure it gets hot in Houston, but that doesn't mean we can't get a little excited about the wonderful summer ahead of us! And so begins Part I...

What Alia's looking forward to...
1. A wedding I'm attending in San Diego and coupling that with visits to see friends in LA and San Francisco!
2. A suntan
3. Fresh summer fruits :)
4. Weekends off at the beach
5. My baby's 1st birthday at the end of August.

What Caroline's looking forward to...
1. My May in the Mediterranean (*update...Caroline is there now and we're already jealous)
2. My friend's wedding at the NY Public Library
3. Summer gives me time to catch up on my reading
4. Back to back amazingness: Lady Gaga Artpop concert on 7/16 & Jay Z & Beyonce 7/18
5. Summer Fashion: light fabrics, bright colors and fun flowy dresses!
I.e. anything from Mara Hoffman

What Emily's looking forward to...
1. Girls' weekend trip to New Orleans
2. Vacation to California to visit my close friends
3. Tim McGraw concert in August
4. Fourth of July in Austin
5. Moving to the Heights

What Jordan's looking forward to...
1. Finding out if we're having a boy or girl (Eeeeek, I really cannot wait!)
2. Going to Florida at the end of July with the fam!
3. Beyonce/Jay Z concert. (Let's hope it's not cancelled after that elevator clip...yikes!)
4. My wedding anniversary, birthday, and my husband's birthday! (lots to celebrate!)
5. Seeing my best friends at the end of May at a friend's wedding... that Belle happens to be coordinating as well. Extra perk :)

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