Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Musings

1. These Spring succulent wreaths are so perfect for a Spring wedding. I love the heart and cross as well. Would be so cute on a church door!  

2. We love this dark and dramatic Chuppah! So used to the blush and pastel colors, it's nice to see it in dark plums and purples. Just gorgeous!

3. Want a fun and different hanger for your wedding dress on wedding day? How about this fully sequined one from Etsy. At just $14 you can get one for yourself and all of your bridesmaids. With your dress on one surrounded by your bridesmaid's dresses, it would make such an adorable picture.

4. Did anyone else see Ashlee Simpon's engagement party attire? It was absolutely perfect for a bride-to-be! Why not take after Ashlee and deck yourself out in feathers, fur, whatever you want... because quite frankly it is YOUR time to shine!

5. These Kate Spade pumps are the perfect shade of blue. Love these paired with a crisp white dress... sooo a wedding dress or rehearsal dress. Leaning towards a rehearsal dress so you can show these beauties off! 
xoxo - the Belles 

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