Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Musings

1. Check out this list of the top 32 views from restaurants. They are located all across the world, and could help you choose a honeymoon location. OR maybe you're already going to one of these places and we just got one dinner checked off your list.

2. Outdoor wedding coming up and still want to rock those beautiful heels? Try these Grasswalkers and  your problems are solved. Give them to your bridesmaids too! 

3. Want a fabulous Caribbean honeymoon without the big price tag? Huff Post with the help of TripAdvisor did all the research for you. Here's a list of top places to go without breaking the bank. Their number 1: Puerto Rico. Direct flight from Houston too!

4. We love this mix of florals and confetti for an exit. Flowerfetti from Etsy is a fragrant and fun way to send the bride & groom off. We love the lavender confetti, but check out their whole site for all the different options!

5. This advice from the Modern Bride back in the 50's is amazing. Times have changed juuuust a little. 

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