Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Modern Wedding Cakes!

Wedding cakes are an extremely important part of any wedding! Not only are the bride and groom just dying to dive into their tasty piece of wedding cake, but all the guests have been eyeballing it all night long with their mouths watering, waiting to know that the cake is just as delicious as it looks!

Some brides love to go the traditional route with a traditional cake. But right now, a modern wedding cake is the big trend.

It's incredible what they can do to dazzle up the cake and the fact that it's edible, sweet, and delicious makes it even better!

Check out this layered damask cake! I bet you can't wait to have a bite!

Photo from Pinterest

We love this beautiful yellow cake with the creative ring pattern all over it!

Photo from Pinterest

Here's another one that made our mouths water just looking at the chocolate glaze! It's really simple, but different.

Photo from Pinterest

Who doesn't love gifts? Now your wedding cake can be a stack of them!

Photo from Pinterest

We've saved our favorite for last! It's the decadent and very luxurious looking Macaron cake!

Photo from Pinterest

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