Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Casual Chic Wedding

When planning a casual chic wedding, the first thing that comes to our minds is a garden inspired wedding!

Not only is a garden wedding light and airy, but it can be the perfect reflection of the bride and her personality.

With a casual chic wedding you can completely forget a traditional gown and go with something that is more your taste and style and of course, more casual.

We imagine a simple, yet elegant, slim, lace wedding dress like this one.

Photo from InWeddingDress

Choosing the wedding colors is really fun especially for a garden wedding! We love the pastel colors that give it the light and airy feel. You can't go wrong with light blue, pink, yellow, peach, lavender or green. Pick the colors you really enjoy and that suit your personality the best!

Depending on the colors you decide to go with, when choosing what flowers you'd like to have on your special day, we always love the classic rose- whether they're pink, peach, white or yellow!

For the reception, make the tables look and feel like a garden party. You can make a garden party more of a traditional style or you can give it that vintage feel. And what kind of food to serve? Well, of course laid-back, comfort food!

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