Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Musings

1. We love these robes on Etsy for getting ready with the bride on her big day! Make for cute photos, not to mention how comfy they look! So many colors to choose from, you can do all the same or a combination of a few!

2. Kendra Scott is the perfect bridesmaid gift. And now with the colorbar, you can take all your bridesmaids there for a bridal shower. Each bridesmaid can create their own jewelry using the colors of your big day. The possibilities are endless.

3. This simple pave pendant necklace from Kate Spade is beautiful! Love this for a strapless bridesmaids dress.

4. Love this custom iPhone case for your bridesmaids. So many cute options with colors and fonts. You can make each of your bridesmaids one that reflects their style.

5. These monogrammed Tom's serve two purposes: 1. a comfy shoe while getting ready and 2. a cute comfy shoe at the end of the night for dancing.. which is always important. A bride wants her besties on that dance floor all night long!
xoxo ~ the belles

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