Friday, August 9, 2013

Belle's Bags II

With the last blog you got to know Christine and Caroline a little better by examining their purse contents. Today you get a deeper insight into who Chelsea and Natalie are by taking a peek inside their chic sacks!

the floral iPad case is bright and fun for summer!!

Chelsea's Contents
"Louis Vuitton is my classic go-to bag. Today, it's carrying my iPad and Belle clipboard for  meetings, my summer mint Kate Spade wallet, business cards, sunglasses,  Kate Spade lipstick and perfume to freshen up, and my Tory Burch small bag holds everything from mascara to hand lotion to mints for my everyday needs.  I love entertainment gossip magazines too!"

Monogrammed for a personal touch!

Natalie's Contents
"My Goyard bag with my initials was my push present from my husband! I love it because it goes with anything and I can fit baby stuff in there too! Louis Vuitton makes the best wallet and makeup holder- they are so durable. I've had them for years and they still both look brand new. Also in my bag are my 3 favorite lip sticks, Sugar, Keihls lip balm and Nars Dulce Vita. I never go anywhere without icebreakers- they're perfect to pop in before a meeting. I love my Alexandra Knight "N" key chain from Christine, it ensures I never lose my keys in any purse or valet stand (I have lost my ticket a time or two...).  Keihls hand salve is a lifesaver and doesn't make my hands sticky in the Houston heat. Last but not least are my Chanel sunglasses- I love them because they're the perfect size and shape for my face!"

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