Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Topping It Off

Wedding cake toppers are becoming a unique way to add some personalization and creativity to your average wedding cake. While the traditional bride and groom figurines are classic and safe, the more unique the better! With website's like Etsy, you can make and customize your own wedding cake topper to almost anything you could possibly dream up. It's all about small personalized details at a wedding that can help make it memorable, so why not change something so small that can make your wedding stand out from the rest? Another great thing about wedding toppers is they can help spice up a  cake that has little detail. Here are some ideas to consider:

                                           A silhouette topper. So simple but very different!

Super easy DIY topper made from glitter, glue, skewers, and a heart template.

Wooden figurines are a great alternative to the original plastic ones!

A chic handpainted banner personalized with the bride and groom's names.

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